Woman discovers her secret Santa gift was below the limit and demands more

The woman demanded more from her Secret Santa gift after learning that her gift was below the spending limit.

We all participated in Secret Santa, right?

The Secret Santa concept usually involves a group of people – work colleagues or friends – who put their names on a hat and choose one at random.

But to refresh your memory …

Once you have chosen a name from the hat, you will need to buy that particular person a gift, while never revealing who received which gift.

Sometimes you get a list of hints.

To make it easier for those you would never usually shop, obviously.

There are other rules as well.

This is how people don’t leave too much Crazy about spending, Secret Santa Clauses are usually given a price budget of $ 15 to $ 20 per gift.

Secret Santa has long been a favorite Christmas pastime among friendship groups and in the workplace, and is a fun way to make sure everyone gets a gift.

But there is also a downside.

All of these can be stressful and even anxiety in some cases.

And that’s not the only problem with Secret Santa …

millennials are calling for secret santa to be banned because it gives them
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Even though a budget is set, people often can’t stick to it, which causes problems …

In the screenshot posted on Reddit, a woman criticized her Secret Santa gift after learning that it was below the spending limit.

And people have something to say about it …

The text messaging between the two employees began as usual with the woman thanking her secret Santa for the blanket and chocolates presented to her.

However, an interesting turn soon took place …

The woman wrote to her colleague that she looked at the price of her gift on the Internet and found that it did not meet the $ 50 spending limit.

She asked her secret Santa to buy her something else, as the gift she received was only worth $ 30.

Fortunately, a colleague from Secret Santa responded very well to the question and offered to give the woman the remaining $ 20 to “give yourself and the kids something nice for the holidays.”

However, this was still not enough for the woman, and she took another step …

She asked a colleague for a $ 120 tablet.

Predictably, her Secret Santa wasn’t ready for this and replied, “A $ 120 pill? I think this is slightly above the $ 50 spending limit! “

And worst of all, it doesn’t end there, as the woman then responded by saying:

“I know … It’s just that my children are wasting me! And it would make their day better if Mom gave them something like this! Thanks, I appreciate it.”

But when a colleague refused to pay the unnecessary $ 120, the woman began to defend her case, claiming that the colleague earned more than she did.

Before sending a series of text messages calling a colleague “disgusting” after she ignored the messages.

In the end, realizing that she would not receive those $ 120, the woman wrote that $ 20 would be fine …

But it’s too late, as colleagues tell her to “forget about it.”

What would you do?

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