Woman gave away her $3,000 wedding dress to a bride-to-be who couldn’t afford it

Weddings – you either love them or hate them, you can’t wait or not bother. But what we can agree on is that this is a very special day when two people enjoy the love they have for each other and their friends and family join in the celebration. Or at least you hope it will be…

Many brides can’t wait to go shopping: some follow the traditional path in a flowing white dress, while others take the beaten path and explore something more exotic. Unfortunately, not all brides are able to enjoy the moment, as the costs add up quickly and sacrifices have to be made. However, this bride had an idea that could change perspectives for many and open the doors to their dream wedding.

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Gwendolyn Stulgis loved her wedding dress so much that she couldn’t just leave it hanging in her closet when the wedding was over.

Image credits: Gwendolyn Stulgis

Gwendolyn Stulgis, like most brides, wanted to feel beautiful on one of the most special days of her life. It meant finding the dress of her dreams, but it wasn’t an easy feat.

Just like he’s looking for your one and only, sometimes they fall right into your lap, and sometimes they’re hidden under the earth’s crust, appearing once in the blue moon for 5 minutes at a time.

After visiting several stores, trying on dress after dress, Gwen finally found what she was looking for at local boutique Evaline’s Bridal & Tuxedo in Warren, Ohio.

With beautiful sheer long sleeves and gorgeous beading and lace, Allure Bridals’ champagne wedding dress hugged Gwen’s body like it was made just for her.

She spent a lot of time and energy looking for her dream dress, and when she found it, it was over her budget by $2,000.

Image credits: Gwendolyn Stulgis

However, her dream dress was valued at $3,000 when she set a budget of $1,000, making it 3 times more expensive than she ever expected to pay. But she liked the dress too much, and after trying on dresses in many other boutiques, it was too valuable to pass up.

“I got excited looking at it because it was everything I really wanted,” she said. insider. “I don’t think I could imagine myself in anything else. This dress was made especially for me.”

Despite the high price tag, the money was well spent as she stunned everyone on her wedding day. May 6, 2022 was an eventful day when she tied the knot with her current husband, Frank Stulgis. When the celebration ended, Gwen hung her dress in the closet. But it didn’t take long to stay there.

Regardless of the cost, she went for it, determined to feel like a princess on her special day.

Image credits: Gwendolyn Stulgis

KristenBellTattoos.com looked at the story of a woman who kept her honeymoon clothes for over 70 years, passing on her suitcase to future generations, and while some may have a sentimental connection between a person and their clothes that evokes great memories and nostalgia, others just don’t look at it the same way .

Also, while clothes are part of the story, will the wedding dress really be worn by a child or grandchild 18-50 years from now? They may want a different style of dress or even a suit.

So instead of letting the dress just hang there for ages, out of the daylight, Gwen decided to make shopping for a dress a little less stressful for one bride-to-be.

A wedding dress shouldn’t just be kept in the closet, Gwen decided, so she had an idea of ​​how she was going to pass it on.

Image credits: Gwendolyn Stulgis

“I want someone else to feel the way I did on my wedding day – to look beautiful,” she explained. “I want a person to feel that he is worth something. I want them to get their dream dress without having to worry about buying it. You can’t just store a wedding dress in a closet.”

Less than two weeks after her wedding, Gwen shared her desire to hand over her wedding dress to a future bride in a post on facebook.

She wrote, “So after much deliberation, I have decided to give away my wedding dress. I want it for the woman who deserves the dress of her dreams, who can’t afford it, or has settled for something more in her price range. I felt absolutely great in it, and I want someone else to feel the same as me.”

Less than two weeks after her wedding, she took to Facebook to announce a contest in which the lucky bride-to-be had to win her own dress, but there was one catch.

Image credits: Gwendolyn Stulgis

To receive the dress, three conditions had to be met: the bride had to write a couple of paragraphs about why she deserved this dress, the wedding had to take place sometime in the next three months, and the bride had to promise to hand it over too. “I am very lucky to have the dress of my dreams, I am always grateful. There is no point in packing such a beautiful dress,” she added.

She and her husband reviewed each entry every night after she posted the proposal until the winner, Margaret Hyde, was selected on June 4. Her future sister-in-law, Alicia Ashley, secretly filed the application because the bride-to-be was hesitant to do it herself. “Margaret is just an amazing person. She’s the kind of person who will give you a shirt from the back. She always gives,” Alicia said.

The bride was supposed to get married in three months and promised to hand over the dress as soon as the celebrations were over.

Image credits: Gwendolyn Stulgis

“I was in total shock; I feel very loved,” said Margaret after winning thanks to the introduction of Alicia. “I’m a simple girl who wears jeans and t-shirts, so I usually don’t wear dresses. I’m looking forward to feeling like a princess for a day.”

She was planning to make her own wedding dress before she saw Gwen’s post. Margaret is determined to keep her promise to give the dress to someone else after the wedding.

Since her original post last May, Gwen told Insider that 12 brides have offered to give away their wedding dresses through “Shared dream dressesThe Facebook group she created. Women offer not only dresses, but also shoes, accessories and even dresses for mother of the bride and bridesmaids!

The contest has spawned a Facebook group called Shared Dream Dresses, which now has 1,200 members who donate their wedding dresses and accessories.

Image credits: Gwendolyn Stulgis

Last update in Gwen’s personal account facebook The profile states that they have reached over 1.2k members. “200 more than last night! I appreciate you all. We help others and that makes me so happy,” she wrote. “Please keep sharing so we can help many others and reach out to those who want to share their dresses.”

Whether you feel the same about your dress or not, at the end of the (wedding) day, there is no right or wrong decision when it comes to it.

Light weddings detail what you can do with your dress, from turning it into a work of art, saving it, reusing it, or donating it to charities that make tiny dresses for stillborn babies or those who pass away earlier than expected. Every bride will be different, so just do what feels right to you, and if you’re not sure, just put it aside and think some more.

“I want to help as many women as possible find the dress of their dreams,” said Gwen, and she’s well on her way to making their special day even more memorable.

Image credits: Gwendolyn Stulgis

But for Gwen, she made a very practical choice and opened the door for brides-to-be to find the dress that makes them the happiest without worrying about the price.

“I want to help as many women as possible find the dress of their dreams,” Gwen said. “Honestly, I didn’t think it would generate that much interest, but I’m excited to see it blossom. Everyone should feel the magic and beauty that I felt the day I married my best friend.”

We wish Gwen and Frank all the best and many sunny days! Can’t wait to see what Shared Dream Dresses will grow into!

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