Woman puts her boyfriend’s colleagues in their place, revealing she earns double his salary after calling him a gold digger

When entering a relationship, there is always a side of you that worries about the most random things:

Am I going to meet with his family? Will the dog like me? Do they have the same stance on eating breakfast items for dinner? Whatever it is, chances are you know what it’s like to have your honeymoon phase sabotaged by a nagging mind.

Things go by, and you become comfortable and sure of your significant other – however, there’s one big deal breaker that most people dread, and that’s meeting each other’s friends.

It’s a well-known fact that your partners carry a lot of weight when it comes to who you share your precious life with, and most people approach these first meetings with extreme caution. After all, who would want to make a terrible impression on people who know your partner better than their own mother?

But what should be done if friends become unfriendly? Well, buckle up, because this Reddit user has a story to tell.

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Sometimes hanging out with your partner’s friends just isn’t the case.

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AITA for telling my boyfriend’s friends that I make twice what he makes, when they call me a gold digger and he doesn’t defend me.? – This netizen took to a Reddit likes community and asked if he was wrong to stand up for himself when his partner’s friends called him out for being a gold digger. The post has garnered over 35K upvotes and 3.5K worth of comments discussing the sheer audacity of some.

A woman wonders if she’s a joke for telling her boyfriend’s friends that he makes twice as much when he calls her a gold digger.

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The Reddit user started her post by explaining that she’s in a relationship with a guy who works in a similar field: he’s programming at a big company and makes $68K, and he’s a A mechanical engineer at a robotics startup, where she earns $130K.

When the couple arrived at the party, instead of chatting about their careers, the OP decided to talk about their hobbies.

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One day, OP’s boyfriend brings her to a party where she gets to meet his friends. The boy’s friends also work in tech and mostly talk about their jobs before approaching the author and asking him about himself.

Instead of talking about her profession, the lady decided to cover up her hobby. She told them she was a hiker, archery, road tripping, camping, and riding dirt bikes – however, that didn’t stop either of them from thinking about careers.

The OP avoided the subject and said she didn’t want to talk about work, because she spent all day sweating trying to replace a broken motor.

Then he realized that some of the things he said might have made him poorer.

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The woman then added that she wasn’t trying to downplay the fact that she had a good job, she just wasn’t in the mood to talk about it.

A few more conversations emerged that, according to the author, made him feel poorer. She said the car dealership repair was a rip-off and also mentioned how her childhood neighbor’s trailer caught fire and she was planning to visit and help him.

The OP said she wasn’t doing it on purpose, because she was just talking about her life – yet, for some reason, people assumed she wasn’t very well.

When everyone got drunk, a friend made fun of her living in a trailer and being a gold digger.

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However, his partner fails to defend him, so he tells his friends that he doubles what he does.

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As everyone gets drunk, the boyfriend’s friends cut loose and joke about OP growing up in the trailer and being a gold digger ready to “jump at a rich guy” – basic. A case of some toxic misogyny.

The point is that the OP’s colleague did not defend him. He later justified this by saying that he had smoked too much, which made it difficult for him to engage in conversation – but it hurt the woman regardless.

The boyfriend wanted to leave shortly after, because he said it was “humiliating” for him to expose her.

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Naturally, the incredibly outlandish accusations hurt her, so she asked the men why they would say such a thing when she did it twice with her boyfriend’s work.

As expected, everyone went really quiet, yet the woman continued and said there was no gold to dig for – not from her or anyone else in the party.

The boyfriend wanted to leave right after, because he was worried that his friends now knew he was doing less than the OP – however, the woman said that if he had stood up for her She would hold her tongue. first place.

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The boy says it was humiliating and embarrassing, while the woman is angry that she had to say anything, as it should have been her to put them in their place.

What do you think about this situation? Did the author have the right to defend himself?

Fellow Reddit users shared their thoughts and opinions on this unpleasant but satisfying story.

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