Woman refuses to help parents in financial crisis

A woman previously disowned by her parents took to the Internet to ask if she was wrong to refuse to help them.

Redditor u/Born-Problem-8280 asked other users if she was wrong to not help her parents in bankruptcy.

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On the Subreddit, she asked: “AITA for refusing to help my parents even if they are homeless with serious illnesses?” Adding that helping them out of their financial situation “would be a really big change for them, but I won’t even miss it.” [the money] this is bad.”

She began her story by stating that her parents are strictly religious and have always tried to force their beliefs on her. “It was a struggle to get into a normal college, not a Christian college with weird rules. When I did, they said they wouldn’t pay for my tuition until I was “back on the right track,” she wrote.

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She explained that “After several months of struggle, a friend told me that the strip club she worked at was recruiting. I’ve been dancing all my life and I have a good figure, so I got hired pretty quickly.”

It was through striptease that she earned a significant amount of money, so much so that by the age of twenty-eight she is completely financially free. “After a few months, I dropped out of college because I was making serious money,” supposedly up to $11,000 a week! “When my parents found out, they disowned me.”

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She continued, “Fast forward 9 years, I own my house completely, Tesla, I have no debt, I also have an apartment building that I rent out (paint stripping has a short lifespan) and an investment.”

And now her parents want her help, despite the fact that they refuse to be near her in difficult times. “Apparently my dad lost his business during COVID, my mom was always SHM, they filed for bankruptcy and are really struggling (they live in an old camper). Also, my mom is now diabetic and my dad has always had heart problems. They wanted my help,” she said.

She concluded her post, “I said no, I don’t have parents anymore. And what’s more, according to their religion and church, my money was earned during the time of sin, so using it would mean damning your soul to hell, and I really didn’t want that for them. My mom started crying and dad said they didn’t know what was wrong with me.

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“But now, a couple of weeks later, I’m starting to feel like I was AH for them. Because the monthly income from striptease will benefit them a lot, but I won’t even miss it that much.

— So, AITA?

Other Reddit users rushed to her defense, and many supported her decision to refuse to help them. One Redditor wrote: “You don’t owe your parents anything, but you should have a clear conscience. If you’re going to doubt yourself – which it sounds like – just write a check and move on. Then you can move on and forget about them again.”

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Another echoed the previous commenter, adding: “If I were me, I would help them if they openly admit they are unintelligent and also admit in their circles that they are lucky to have a completely successful daughter who can financially support them for up to a year out of 30 people. . If they don’t, then it’s just absolute confirmation that they really don’t care about you and they only want your money.”

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