Woman transfers parental rights of her child to cheating husband’s mistress and refuses to date her daughter 14 years later when her ex contacts her

Settling down is like gambling – you never know if it will actually work out. You may think that you know this person well; maybe you were those high school sweethearts, or love blinded you and you believe the connection will last forever.

People change, and even if a loved one promised to be with you no matter what, there is no guarantee that the promise will be kept.

Life happens, and there is a chance that sometime beloved spouse will turn your existence into a complete hell, but the worst thing is that children are involved in this traumatic experience.

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Sometimes you hate the father of your child so much that you are ready to give up your parental rights.

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“Aita for refusing to meet my biological daughter? (I gave up my parental rights years ago)” – This online user took to one of the most popular Reddit communities to ask members for advice and find out if she was really a jerk for refusing to meet her biological child, whom she adopted. husband’s ex-lover. The post received almost 18 thousand votes and 4.8 thousand comments discussing this emotional situation.

The former cheater contacted the woman, saying that her biological child wanted to meet her, but she refused and told him to never contact her again.

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The author began her post by revealing that many years ago she was married to a man named Mark; a couple of years after her marriage, the poor thing found out that her husband was cheating on her, and he managed to get his mistress. It was a huge shock because OP was also pregnant with his own child.

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She was only 9 weeks pregnant and was determined to divorce and have an abortion, however the man begged her to change her mind and insisted that she give their relationship a second chance.

The woman had a very traumatic pregnancy and when she was 6 months old she discovered that her beloved husband never stopped seeing another woman. He later justified this by saying that he was “torn apart” as he loved both of them very much. Naturally, the OP didn’t want to put up with his behavior, so she eventually moved out and filed for divorce. The author wanted him to disappear from her life, but since she was waiting for him, this greatly complicated the situation.

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Unfortunately, OP never fully bonded with the child, and the fact that it was her ex’s child contributed to all the negativity she felt. The woman told her ex-partner that she did not want a child, so when they got together with her mistress, she gave her the choice to adopt – and she did.

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The author transferred her parental rights as soon as the child was 6 months old and, on leaving, told her ex-husband that she did not want to be involved in the girl’s life and that his lover was more than welcome to be her mother.

OP moved to another country and tried to leave behind this painful part of her life; she met a wonderful man and is now the mother of three children.

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However, she was recently contacted by her ex-husband, who said that her biological daughter, now 14 years old, really wants to meet her. According to the man, his wife passed away and told the girl before her death that she was not her biological mother.

The woman burst into tears, because she did not want to meet the baby. She mentioned that it was extremely difficult to leave that part of her life behind; she had been severely depressed for years, so she reminded the man that she gave up her parental rights many years ago and wanted nothing to do with both of them.

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The OP shared that she planned to tell her kids about their stepbrother when they were older and mentally mature, but now is not the right time. She told her ex-husband never to contact her again and hung up.

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