Woman tweeted a story about how Uber driver’s license plate check saved her from possible human trafficking

The importance of personal safety cannot be overstated these days. Even if you are not at ease, traveling the world or the like, dangers lurk around every corner, so it is important to know your surroundings in order to stay safe.

One woman online recently shared a story that serves as a great reminder of how well you should be aware of things, especially if you’re waiting for your Uber.

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You can never be “too safe” when traveling in a taxi.

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Personal travel blogger Ciara Johnson recently took to Twitter to share the incident with her. One that could have ended badly if it hadn’t been for staying in the loop.

A car pulled up as she waited for her Uber to arrive. The driver jumped out and hurriedly threw the suitcase into the trunk. Ciara was still waiting to see the license plate, confused about what was happening. Finally, she noticed that it was the wrong car.

Travel blogger Ciara Johnson recently shared how knowing a license plate can keep you out of trouble.

Woman tweeted a story about how Uber driver's license plate check saved her from possible human trafficking

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In the end, the driver took out the luggage, apparently hoping it was the wrong car, and blurted out, “I wish this was the wrong car.” Ciara then noticed that her real Uber driver was following her. She explained what had just happened, and he noted that it happens often – men drive in the hope that the ladies will not notice.

As soon as Ciara talks to her real driver, the man simply gets into his car and drives off, adding even more suspicion.

Ciara also shared some tips on how to stay safe when buying Uber.

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Ciara took the opportunity to turn this into a life lesson for everyone: always check the license plate before getting into the car, the driver should ask for a pin to confirm that this is the correct customer in his car, and if not, always ask what you want. need to. name – the correct driver should be able to answer this question.

She also suggested that you compare your profile photo if your service supports it (some don’t), and share your location with a friend during your trip (PST! if your taxi app does not support this feature, you can always use Location function on Facebook Messenger or Google Maps).

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Finally, another big sale is if there is another person in the car – a “boyfriend” or someone else who is driving the car. Yes, and if possible, “as my real driver says, we are in Texas, so carry a gun if you are a woman who can,” Ciara said.

Ciara’s tweet soon attracted significant attention, receiving over 17,300 likes and nearly 8,400 retweets. In response, people on Twitter started sharing their stories of how many people are oblivious to the cars they jump in, let alone license plates.

Many have shared their ideas and stories in response to Ciara’s now popular Twitter thread.

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Others talked about how it happened to them or their friends, and how they avoided calling intimate. And even one person explained how two other women managed to jump into their Uber, and they were very surprised and confused when the trip was confirmed without their presence in the car.

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You can view the entire Twitter thread in context hereand even check out Ciara’s tips on how to stay safe when traveling alone. here… But before you leave, tell us about your “wrong driver,” your interview, or general Uber advice in the comments section below!

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