Worst Friends Character Ranked

Part of what makes the show so great is its characters, and failing to create compelling characters will lead to a show that few will really enjoy. A persuasive character can come in many forms, and as long as people talk about him, they can help the show succeed.

Friends have benefited a lot from his characters, especially from his leads. However, supporting characters were also instrumental in the show’s success. Naturally, there were good and bad characters, and we set ourselves the task of identifying the worst ones.

Let’s take a closer look at the show and identify its worst characters.

To get started, let’s go ahead and put Eddie on our list as he was a nightmare for Chandler, who he lived with on the show. This character was not like that, and he seemed to be very happy, making Chandler’s life miserable. He was really hard to look at at times, and it was quite gratifying when he finally walked out of the show. He was only here for several episodesbut it was more than enough to make fans tired of seeing him on screen.


7 Katie

When someone comes between the friendship of two other people, you know that it is very problematic. This was exactly the case with Katie, who accidentally drove a wedge between Joey and Chandler during her time on the show. Because of this, it was easy to include her on this list. Sure, she had some positives, but we just can’t forgive what she did to Joey and Chandler. Bonus points for cheating Chandler.

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6 Gary

Gary about friends
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Let’s just start first with the fact that this dude was a complete stalker in the way he stalked Phoebe, which is an instant red flag that should have prevented anything from happening between them. Once he managed to get Phoebe to see things in his own way, he began to move at the speed of light in their relationship, which obviously caused some friction. This dude was just too big and pretty easy to include on this list.

5 Ursula Buffay

Ursula Buffay has to be one of the most troublesome supporting characters in the history of this show, and it has a lot to do with Lisa Kudrow’s performance. The way she is able to provide such a dramatic counterbalance to Phoebe during the Ursula scenes is phenomenal, and it shows that she has some serious range when she plays. There may not be a single fan on the planet that puts up with Ursula.

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4 Mr. Heckles

Mr. Heckles about friends
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As famous as he is, Mr. Heckles is one of the worst and most annoying characters in the entire series. He looks like he has nothing but contempt for the main characters, and yes, they can be extremely annoying, but this person seems to be trying his best to get them. It really says a lot when no single person was upset when that character passed away on the show, with the exception of Chandler Bing.

3 Amy Green

Amy Green about friends
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If Amy Green somehow managed to trigger your hit-or-flight response while she was on screen, congratulations, you were able to see how terrible this character really is. It was frustrating enough for fans to deal with other members of the Green family, but somehow Amy turned out to be the worst of them all. Kudos to Christine Applegate for her fantastic performance in this role.

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2 Janice Litman-Goralnik

Janice about friends
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Putting Janice so high on the list might sound a bit controversial, but she’s just hard to deal with throughout the series. Yes, she has some redemptive qualities, but the emotional damage her presence takes to group members, especially Chandler, makes her a little easier to lift her higher than other notable figures from the show. Plus, her laugh alone makes her one of the worst characters.

one Ross

There was absolutely no way for all of the main cast members to leave unscathed, and of the top six friends, Ross is the worst of them all. He’s annoying, has little to offer anyone positively, and is a character who just never stops getting in his way. So that we do not forget the deception, doomed marriages and pronouncing the name of another woman at the altar.

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