“Yes, But”: Artist Draws Series of Satirical Comics Shows 24 Ridiculous Contradictions (New Pictures)

Anton Gudim is an artist who is great at seeing how contradictory our everyday lives can be. Besides being quirky Short panel comicsthe artist also creates satirical and relatable illustrations he calls “Yes, But” that show two sides of the same situation.

The idea of ​​creating “Yes, But” comics came to Anton in 2016. The format was inspired by reflections on how people deal with the many contradictions in their lives. The artist found the actions of some people very contradictory: that’s why it appeared “but”. “Actually, the format is a subversion of expectations, a fairly standard comedic technique, but the signature ‘yes, but’ brings all conflicting situations under one ‘template’, showing how comprehensive it can be.”

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More information: Instagram | patreon.com | gudim.threadless.com

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