YOGA TEACHER Adam Levine accuses him of sending her sex as FOUR women stepped forward to slam the ‘inappropriate’ Maroon 5 star

Three more women have filed lawsuits against Maroon 5’s married rocker Adam Levine, alleging sexual pests.

The former judge for The Voice, 43, was forced to admit yesterday that he sent “inappropriate” messages to Instagram model Sumner Straw, even though he denied her claims of a year-long romance.


Comedian Marika claims Adam Levine craved her hourglass figure1 credit
Model Alison Rose also featured flirtatious DMs from the married singer.


Model Alison Rose also featured flirtatious DMs from the married singer.1 credit
Yoga teacher Alanna Zabel became the fourth woman to press charges.


Yoga teacher Alanna Zabel became the fourth woman to press charges.1 credit
Adam Levine is married to supermodel Behati Prinsloo.


Adam Levine is married to supermodel Behati Prinsloo.1 credit

Now he’s facing a barrage of new accusations, including from his former yoga teacher, Alanna Zabel.

Alanna, who coached him from 2007 to 2010, says he bragged to buddies that she had “the best **ass in town” and once texted her, “I want to spend a day naked with you.”

She says her then-boyfriend was furious over the message.

Allana added: “A huge life change, a devastating moment and when I told Adam he ignored it, never apologized, kicked me out of an upcoming tour and froze me through one of the most devastating periods of my life… all from his one flirtatious message. . .”

Brutal murder of Adam Levine by model Sumner Straw after he denies having an affair
Adam Levine and wife Behati pack at a PDA in Maui while the model wears a tiny bikini.

She made her statements in an Instagram story titled: “It’s high time to #ExposeAdamLevine.”

Last night, two other women revealed what appears to be recent sex from Levine, who has been married to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo since 2014.

Comedian Marika published screenshots of messages allegedly for June and July of this year.

In one, he allegedly told her, “I’m now obsessed with you.”

When Marika asked, “Dude, aren’t you married lol”, Levine replied, “Yeah, but it’s a bit complicated.”

In other posts, he allegedly molested her for intimate photos as he lusted after her hourglass figure covered in tattoos.

Among dozens of messages, he is said to have told her, “Damn, that body of yours is absurd.

“Perhaps I need to see the prey.”

He added: “Watching your ass jiggle on that table will scar me forever.

“I would do anything for it. I would buy him a steak for dinner and whisper cute nonsense to him. I want to tattoo my ** right now.”

Meanwhile, model Alison Rose posted screenshots of text conversations in two now-deleted TikTok videos.

Levin allegedly told her that she hooked him up using a fishing rod emoji and called her a “hot chick” in a series of flirtatious private messages.

At one point she said, “I shouldn’t be talking to you, you know that, right?”

He replied, “Yes, but if we’re just friends, I think that’s appropriate.”

Alison stated that “a lot more was said that was inappropriate. I just didn’t feel comfortable posting everything.”

“Crossed the Line”

Levine representatives did not respond to requests for comment on the latest statements.

The singer admitted yesterday that he “crossed the line” after Sumner Straw’s high-profile claims that they were having an affair.

He said: “I have shown myopia by talking to anyone other than my wife in ANY flirtatious way. I did not have an affair, however, I crossed the line at a regrettable period in my life.

“In some cases it became inappropriate. I have addressed this and taken active steps to fix it with my family.

“My wife and my family are all I care about in this world.

“Being so naive and stupid to risk the only thing that really matters to me was the greatest mistake I could ever make.

“I will never do this again. I take full responsibility. We’ll get through this and we’ll get through this together.”

Sumner, 23, responded to his Instagram rebuttal today with a simple message: “Someone give this man a dictionary.”

She also insisted that they did indeed have a “physical” romance – which began after she graduated from the University of Texas last year – in page six interview.

She added: “Actually, it was not me who suffered here, but Behati and her children.

“I’m so, so sorry for that.

Sumner’s allegations come days after Levine and Behati, 34, revealed she was pregnant with their third child.

Her TikTok video was viewed 15 million times in 24 hours before Levine responded.

She said, “Basically, I had an affair with a man who is married to a Victoria’s Secret supermodel.

“At that time I was young and naive. And I mean, frankly, I feel exploited.”

The screenshots showed what turned out to be a personal message from Levin.

He allegedly told her, “It’s really unrealistic how fucking hot you are. It’s like it’s blowing my mind.

“You’re 50 times hotter in real life.”

She also claimed that he recently got in touch after several months of no contact and asked to name his child after her.

Levin asked: “Okay, a serious question. I will have another child, and if this [a] boy, I really want to call him Sumner.

“Do you agree with this? DEAD seriously.”

Sumner said, “I was like… I should be in hell at this point.

“My morality was unknowingly compromised. I was completely manipulated.”

Levine began dating Namibian supermodel Behati in 2012. month after divorce from her colleague, Victoria’s Secret Angel Anna Vyalitsana.

They married in 2014 and have two daughters, five-year-old Dusty Rose and four-year-old Gio Grace.

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It comes after Instagram model Sumner Straw revealed that she had a year-long romance with Maroon 5 rocker.


It comes after Instagram model Sumner Straw revealed that she was in a year-long romance with rocker Maroon 5.Credit: Instagram/Summer Straw
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Former Voice judge Adam Levine admitted to “crossing a line”.1 credit
Levine and Behati, pictured with daughter Dusty Rose in 2017, are now expecting their third child.


Levine and Behati, pictured with daughter Dusty Rose in 2017, are now expecting their third child.1 credit

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