“You ruined my 18th birthday because you don’t like the smell of seafood”: 18 YO calls out sister for lying, calls it “dramatic”.

There are many things that can make a person attractive and entitled, and disregarding other people’s values ​​would definitely be one of those factors. Actually, it’s pretty simple – if you ignore other people’s preferences, you seem entitled, no matter how intentionally you do it.

It becomes particularly offensive if a person, just to please his own preferences, intentionally harms other people, knowing that doing so will harm them. And society, alas, often unwittingly favors such people simply out of tradition.

For example, this happened with heroine. of this storywhose post received about 15.0K upvotes and over 1.7K different comments in the AITA Reddit community. Moreover, what is most offensive to the original poster is that his family members supported such an entitlement. However, let’s not get ahead of the curve…

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The original poster decided to host her 18th birthday dinner at her favorite Chinese restaurant.

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So, the original poster was getting ready to celebrate her 18th birthday and of course all her relatives were invited. The problem was deciding where the party would go. According to the OP, he is autistic and has texture issues, so he decided to celebrate at his favorite Chinese restaurant, since any type of Asian food is safe for him.

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OP’s sister-in-law suddenly claimed she was allergic to seafood so she couldn’t attend the party.

And so, when everything is almost ready, OP’s brother’s fiancee, Vicki, suddenly announces that she can’t go. According to the woman, she is allergic to seafood, so she will not be able to attend the party. OP’s brother gets upset and tries to persuade his sister to move the party to another restaurant.

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The OP tried to resist, citing the fact that she would be uncomfortable with any other food, but relented when her parents insisted as well. After all, as OP’s dad and mom pointed out, it’s not Vicki’s fault that she has allergies and there’s nothing she can do about it.

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The dinner was finally held at an Italian restaurant and the OP felt totally let down by it.

As a result, the party was held in an Italian restaurant. Everyone including Vicky was really happy. Well, everyone except the birthday girl herself. OP admitted that she hates the texture of cheese, pasta, and other elements of Italian food, so she was sneaking snacks she brought along.

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Later OP suddenly found out that her SIL was not allergic to seafood and didn’t like the way shrimp smelled.

Sometime later, the OP unexpectedly came to her brother’s house to pick up her hoodie, which she had left there during her last visit. As soon as she entered the house, she was surprised to see Vicky eating fish out of hunger. The OP reminded the woman that she claims to be allergic to any type of seafood, but she replied that she wasn’t allergic to anything – she just didn’t like the way the shrimp smelled, and she needed medical attention. There was no allergy. Bus.

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The OP was literally devastated because, because of Vicki, she actually ruined her own birthday, but it turns out the woman just went along on her own terms. An argument ensues, after which the OP easily blocks both her brother and her fiancee, though Vicki seems to honestly not get what he’s at fault for at all. It was a fight.

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OP got into a fight with her SIL but her relatives justified her behavior.

According to the OP, her parents and other relatives said that she was very rude to Vicky, that she shouldn’t be upset over such a trivial matter, and that she should apologize to her SIL and ask her Make peace. The girl became even more upset and decided to ask netizens if she really behaved like an entitled brat in this situation – which is what her own parents told her.

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However, most commenters largely supported the OP, saying that SIL should offer a sincere apology.

People in the comments, however, totally supported it, unlike the OP’s relatives. According to most commenters, Vicky and the rest of the girl’s family were very rude, as her birthday was actually ruined by her SIL’s wish. According to People, it’s Vicki who should offer a sincere apology to the OP for ruining her celebration – and along with it, the parents and brother.

Many point out that it was the OP’s birthday anyway and it should have been about her celebration. In fact, as the commenter points out, Vicki lied on purpose to get her to attend a restaurant of her choice, and the OP’s brother went along. In any case, according to the commenters, the OP’s family should be more supportive.

However, relatives, unfortunately, often do not as they should, but as they want. The best proof of this is our post about a relative who demanded that her niece reschedule her wedding simply because the day chosen didn’t suit her. Or maybe the story is about a sister trying to get her brothers to raise their three children. Be that as it may, we are very interested in your opinion about this story, so feel free to write it in the comments.

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