You Won’t Believe How Many Hot Dogs Rob Gronkowski Can Fit Here

Winner winner?

Forget touch down, Rob Gronkowski. Got his real call: Putting a hot dog in his mouth.. A funny special sneak peek tonight. Celebrity game faceBroadcast on October 5, Gronk is shown taking one. Unpleasant challenge With the help of a model girlfriend Camille Kostak..

Celeb game face the host Kevin Hart Gronk has been warned that he has 20 seconds to push nine hot dogs between his teeth. “I’m nervous, I’m nervous,” NFL Player Acknowledged

“You don’t have to,” advised Hart. Eat Hot dog. ”

Even Caustic is “scared” for her boyfriend!

“It’s not good. You’re going to shake me in the face,” Gronk joked.

And, Gronk can impressively put all nine hot dogs in his mouth, announcing victory.

“I love veneers, Kevin!” Gronk joked. Can we give this guy a trophy already ?!

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