You’ll Bend the Knee to House of the Dragon After This Trailer

Winter is coming; and so is new. Game of Thrones Before time

HBO dropped its first trailer. Dragon’s house. On Tuesday, October 5th. According to Network, Show – based on. George R. R. Martin.Of Fire and bloodSet 200 years ago. Game of Thrones Provides a story and a history on House Targaryen.

“200 years before the fall of the throne,” the teaser states, “a family ruled.”

As soon as he peeks out, a voiceover is heard from the audience. Matt Smith, Who plays Prince Damon Targaryen.

“Gods. Kings. Fire. And blood,” he says. “Dreams didn’t make us kings. Dragons did.”

They also see an array of action-packed battle scenes and a glimpse of a star-studded cast. Other than Smith, who can the fans recognize? Crown And Who is the doctor, Features of the show Eve is the best. (Nurse Jackie.), Paddy pay attention. (Outside), Olivia Cook (Ready Player One.), Emma D. R.C. (Truth seekers), Rice afans. (Notting Hill, Amazing Spider-Man.), Will Johnson (Waking up the dead.), John Macmillan (King Lear.), Sonoya tables. (Former machine., Crazy), Theo Net. (Time.), Savannah Stein. (Intergalactic) And Steve Toussaint. (Pine Gap).

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