Young Sheldon’s Ragan Reward has a touching connection to Snowflake

In another interview with Channel 9, Reward was asked about her stuffed Snowflake, and she told a charming and touching story about a plush dog. “So, my grandma used to collect vintage soft toys… I got Snowflake when I was five years old. And my great-grandfather brought it to my grandma’s house after my great-grandmother passed away. So it was my Christmas present… But she’s been used a lot, so she’s not so much Snowflake as Dirty Flake.” She even told the interviewer that at that very moment, Snowflake was sleeping in her hotel bed.


Snowflake has become quite famous among Young Sheldon fans, especially since Reward loves posting the dog on Instagram. In a 2018 publication Instagram, she gave Snowflake a “makeover”, meaning she put a little blonde wig on the dog in an adorable photo. In 2018 tweet, Reward was revealed to be sleeping in Harry Potter robes next to her beloved Snowflake. In 2019 facebook post Reward revealed that Snowflake sits on her lap in most of the dinner scenes and scenes that don’t require the camera to see her below chest level. Thus, it would seem that this would make Snowflake an unofficial participant in the show, or at least part of the team as Reward’s emotional support animal.

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