‘You’ve got chocolate in my peanut butter!’: Man uses old tune at work, junior colleague reports ‘sexual harassment’ to HR

The gap between different generations may be larger than you think. It’s not just a difference in the technology we’ve used or fashion trends – there’s a whole bunch of pop culture baggage that comes with being born in a particular decade. And new generations may not even know about the things that were popular in the days of their managers, parents, grandparents. Sometimes the obvious comedy can put the older generation in hot water because these younger people just don’t understand the references and take things literally.

This is exactly what happened to redditor u/jesseberdinka who share your work history with the online community r/tifu (“Times I Effed Up”). He explained how using the old promotional song during the meeting got him in trouble with the staff because some young people considered it “sexual harassment”.

You will find the full story below, dear pandas. Read on, tell us what you think of the whole situation, and if you’ve ever been misunderstood by a junior or senior colleague, be sure to share what happened in the comments section.

Not everyone at work can hear old pop culture references or jokes. Some even call it “sexual harassment.”

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An employee had a problem with HR after referring to an old commercial that was very popular at the time.

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Luckily for u/jesseberdinka everything ended well when everyone got the joke. However, it just goes to show that humor at work may not make everyone laugh. Some colleagues may be offended (even if there is nothing offensive in it). KristenBellTattoos.com previously spoke with comedy writer and stand-up comedian Arian Sherin about the importance of humor in the workplace. She also shared her thoughts on whether or not being an office clown is worth it.

According to the comedian, humor and fun help motivate employees. There is definitely a positive effect. “The more fun you have at work, the more likely you are to want to stay at work, so you’ll be happy to stay longer and happy to be there in the first place,” she told us that no one wants to go back. work in a horrible, toxic environment.

“My last job was just explosive, we had a lot of fun, and it was a really warm, friendly atmosphere, so I couldn’t wait to get to work in the morning,” she said that a healthy, collegial environment encourages employees to do their best. responsibilities. the best and go the extra mile.

“It’s hard not to take work seriously when it takes up so much of your life, and if it gets in the way of your happiness, you need to look for a new job,” she said that we shouldn’t spend all our time being unhappy. There are options there. Better.
According to Ariana, the more qualified and indispensable you are at your job, the more perks you get when it comes to humor.

“Of course you can be the office clown, but only if you’re really good at your job. No one will mind that you are joking if you are also doing well at work, ”the comedy expert stressed that no one will mind a joke once or twice if you get results.

“People start judging it when it hurts your work. But I’ve always been the company clown and found it to be a great way to get through the day’s work!”

For those of you Pandas who may not know the jingle (or may need a refresher), here is the full promotional video.

Depending on who you ask, generational differences can be seen as superficial or fundamental. Financial expert Sam Dogen, author of Buy This, Not This: How to Spend Your Way to Wealth and Freedom and founder of Financial Samurai, recently shared his thoughts on these differences with KristenBellTattoos.com.

“As someone who used to lead a small financial team, what I valued most in employees was effort. If employees tried their best to get things done and showed they cared, I knew they were succeeding. Showing that you don’t care about your colleagues and your work is more than half the battle,” he said that managers value honest and hard work.

“Bosses can inspire their employees even if they don’t care! If the boss always arrives on time, invites his subordinates to lunch to see how they are doing, and works hard, employees will be encouraged. And when employees are encouraged, they will care more and perform better. It’s a virtuous cycle,” the expert told us.

“Great leaders lead by example. They are not micromanagers either. Instead, they are honest in difficult situations, believe in their employees, support them and inspire confidence.”

Sam told KristenBellTattoos.com that he is a member of Generation X – he turns 45 this summer. In his previous job, he also supervised some of the younger employees.

“We grew up without the internet, and now we have the internet. I managed a couple of employees who were 10 years younger than me, that is, the millennial generation. One got in trouble because he felt he was entitled to a much larger bonus than $20,000 after his first year of college! After receiving the award, he refused to go to work for a week. It was an interesting situation,” he shared with us.

“It seems that more employees want to get to the corner office earlier without paying fees. Perhaps this is due to the Internet, social networks and the speed of information dissemination. When you see someone on social media quickly become super rich, you start to feel the same way too.”

Here’s how people reacted to what happened. Some of them thought it was funny or strange that someone didn’t know the link

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