Yvonne Orji Weighs in on Issa & Molly’s Insecure Ending

A bitter farewell.

Insecure Is preparing for The fifth and final seasonAnd while everyone is sad to see the lovely HBO series, we are thankful that we have to spend a little more time with our favorite pair, the BFF.Isa Rai(And radish)Yvonne O’Groats).

Stop by E! News’ Knightley Pop. On Tuesday, October 12, Yvonne could not reveal where Jesus and Molly’s recent stony relationship currently stands, but he What Guess where she personally wants to end them, whether with or without their former fans.

For the host Nina Parker, She is connecting for “without”.

“I’m more than Lawrence, I’m going to be honest.” NP The co-host said again and again, mentioning Jesus’ interest in love. J. Ellis.. “I think Jesus needs to leave him alone.”

Yvonne joked that Nina had to project, because “What did Lawrence do to you?” But as Nina explains, she only thinks that “a man comes second in the friendship of Molly and Jesus.”

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