Zendaya’s Shocking Euphoria Season 2 Justifies Her Warnings About Mature Audience

The first episode of Zendaya’s second season of Euphoria aired last night, and critics agree with her warning that it is only for “mature audiences.”

Zendaya's shocking Euphoria season 2 lives up to warning her mature audience

The first episode of the second season of Zendaya’s “Euphoria” aired last night and critics confirm that it certainly lived up to expectations. the actress’s statement that it was for a “mature audience” only by showing that he is replete with drug use and “Abuse, predation and attacks of self-harm.” Shortly before the series’ long-awaited return, the Spider-Man actress embraced her. Twitter to remind fans that there will be adult content this season.


She wrote, “I know I’ve said this before, but I want to reiterate to everyone that Euphoria is for a mature audience.”

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Zendaya said the season is “looking at topics that could be triggers.”

“This season, perhaps even more so than the previous one, is very emotional and touches on topics that can be triggered and difficult to watch.”

“Please only watch it if you feel comfortable. Take care of yourself and know that you are still loved anyway, and I still feel your support. “

HMERian Daly agreed with Zendaya’s statement that the second season will be more sinister than the last, however, that, of course, did not stop Daly from singing his praises. The writer enthusiastically said, “With a set of new episodes that are darker, harder and more intense than ever, the wait is worth the wait.”

“His teens may start the new year off on a negative note, but he is already setting a very high bar for television in 2022.”

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The Hollywood Reporter praised Zendaya’s performance as it “continues to improve.”

Hollywood ReporterLovia Gyarkye’s Lovia Gyarkye was equally impressed with “a more introspective and melancholic second season.” Gyarkye was particularly fascinated by Zendaya’s performance, stating that she “continues to improve …”

“Find new ways to translate her character’s erratic transitions from delight to cruelty, carelessness to anger.”

While praising Zendaya, Lovia stated that it is her character Ryu that makes the show worth watching:

“Desperate, impractical, painful and transparent, it reminds us that despite the complex thrills and excesses of Euphoria, the show is worth watching for Ryu’s journey.”

On the contrary, while Vanity FairRichard Lawson praised the cast for their performance, he was not so complimentary about the show itself, considering it “too stylish for his own good.”

Developing his position, Lawson criticized the essence of the show: “When you look at Euphoria at first glance, it can seem like an inventive, almost divine vision – who knew high school could look so beautiful? But the more you watch, the more it starts to irritate the show’s aesthetic claims. ”

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